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7 Ways We Are Not Recruiters

We’re asked all the time what it is that we do. Well, the easy yet incomplete answer would be “full-time and project-based recruiting for boutique consulting firms” or “management consulting headhunting.” However, as you look through our website, you’ll see that we literally never use the words “recruiter” or “headhunter.” We tend to recoil at those monikers because they come across as transactional rather than consultative – our business model begins where that of a traditional recruiter ends. Here are seven ways in which we differentiate ourselves from old-school recruiters:

  1. For Consultants, By Consultants: The professional background of our leadership is in the consulting industry, not in recruiting. The industry expertise we bring to discussions with consulting firms and consulting professionals extends well beyond that of a mom-and-pops’ recruitment shop.

  2. High-Touch and High-Tech: Our technology complements our high-touch approach to talent acquisition in the consulting industry. This means going beyond the resume to feature asynchronous video interviews, work samples, personality fit assessments and more. Unlike pure-play technology competitors, our platform supports but never displaces our deep personal relationships with consulting firms and management consulting professionals.

  3. Holistic View of a Candidate’s DNA: In addition to rich conversations, our video functionality allows candidates to highlight more than just the bullet-pointed experience on a resume. It allows candidates to show the polish they would bring to client relationships and the passion that they have for their work.

  4. Scalable Talent Acquisition: Our technology isn’t our only source of scale. Our marketing presence to attract a curated library of consulting talent that makes other recruiters’ exclusive reliance on LinkedIn searches look antiquated.

  5. Scalable Candidate Placement: Our role as Nexus Connectors in the consulting industry gives us one-to-many relationships with 30+ boutique consulting firms. Because of this, our candidate conversations extend far beyond pitching for a single firm to include broader discussion of alignment with DNA, Experience and Motivation across our clients.

  6. Thought Leadership: We are constantly learning from our client and candidate partners, and are sharing those lessons with the consulting community we support. For example, take a look at our Boutique Consulting Trends, a consulting Partner’s cure for Fear of Selling Work, or our latest white paper: Independent Consulting Without Selling Work.

  7. Surge Capacity: While traditional recruiters focus on full-time placements, we have developed a robust network of independent ex-consultants ready to help consulting firms staff up quickly when project demand surges.

So if we aren’t a “consulting recruiter,” who are we? Well, here goes: Talent Response provides a curated library of management consulting talent to a fragmented boutique consulting industry. It doesn’t exactly roll off of the tongue, but is a more accurate response to the question, “What exactly do you do?” Perhaps we’ll create a category for our work one day. Until then, that’s our working response.

Consulting firm Partners, to learn more about the ways in which our consultative service + technology could support your efforts to identify consulting talent for your consulting firm, please contact us. For management consulting professionals, please join our curated library consulting talent to access full-time and project-based roles throughout the consulting industry.

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