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Technology-enabled service to delivery highly-vetted independent consultants on demand

Talent Response connects you with the most relevant, experienced
independent consultants to meet your project-based needs.

"We previously worked with another platform that gave us 150 bids for our project. Literally, no one was qualified. We turned to Talent Response. We received detailed fit assessments of 4 highly-qualified consultants. We interviewed all 4 and hired 1. Talent Response values our scarce time - and frankly didn't charge much of a premium for such valuable curation."


-- Internal strategy lead, mid-sized technology company

Why Independent Consultants?

Surges in Project Demand

Manage demand with project-based hires to ramp up quickly for an engagement.

Domain Expertise

Bring in resources with the industry and functional skillset required for an engagement.

Position for Growth

A walk-before-you-run approach to help mitigate short-term financial & project delivery risk.

The Talent Response Edge on Project Demand


Thousands of qualified independent consultants available to deliver on project-based demands.

Industry Experience

The Talent Response team of ex-consultants pre-screens candidates for alignment with your project & company. 

Qualification & Selection

After one-to-one outreach and our qualification process, we provide a curated group of 4-6 candidates.

Request a Consultation

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