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Introducing Talent Response's Talent Acquisition Platform

Why Did We Build a Talent Acquisition Platform?

Over the last two years, Talent Response has built deep relationships with 30+ boutique consulting firms and high-growth technology firms, placing scores of consultants in both full-time and project-based positions. This high-touch solution has worked well and will continue to work well, but our service-based model has been challenged with limitations of scale. We wondered if a high-tech solution could be paired with our high-touch solution to better deliver for consulting and technology clients and management consulting professionals alike.

Management consulting professionals who are open to exploring new project-based or full-time opportunities may lack visibility to the most relevant roles, in part because positions within a fragmented boutique consulting industry are difficult to identify. Which firms are hiring for truly compelling roles? How does one identify relevant opportunities without constantly trolling job boards? How can a candidate – particularly a non-traditional candidate – craft a resume to highlight intangibles such as poise, polish, and structured communication?

Consulting and growth-phase technology firms face a slow and expensive recruiting process to attract candidates who have the right combination of DNA (who you are), Experience (what you’ve done) and Motivation (your goals). Smaller firms in particular lack the brand awareness that attracts the best candidates to them. As a result, firms are either limited to 1) sifting through an onslaught of mostly unqualified applicants that come from LinkedIn job posts or technology-only aggregators, or 2) pursuing expensive and time-consuming active recruiting efforts. These options are suboptimal. Job posts only attract those in active search mode, so firms miss out on professionals currently in a position of strength. On the other end of the spectrum, most 3rd party recruiters don't truly understand your business and rely nearly exclusively on LinkedIn to identify candidates.

How Does Our Technology Deliver a Curated Library of Consultative Talent?

We aren’t fans of technology for technology’s sake. That’s exactly why, before launching our platform, we first built a pure service-based business to truly understand the shortcomings of consultative talent acquisition today. We have observed technology-only competitors struggle to build traction with consulting firms because, in the absence of high-touch candidate vetting, these platforms can be little more than niche job boards. Our solution is a technology platform that complements our deep consulting industry expertise to identify great people for our consulting firm clients.

Management consulting professionals that join our curated network of talent are granted access to positions across dozens of consulting and technology firms through the creation of a single Basic and Enhanced Profile. Candidates are presented with the option to provide a more holistic perspective of who they are (what we call DNA) with a video narrative that transcends the resume. Once that profile and a specific job application is presented to a Talent Response client, a candidate's visibility throughout our client firm is immediately broader than it would be with a traditional phone screen or HR resume review.

Note: Talent Response engages in a rich conversation with all candidates prior to sharing profiles with our consulting firm clients. Under no scenario will we share candidate profiles in absence of explicit candidate approval.

Consulting and growth-phase technology firms who work with Talent Response will benefit from our improved agility in matching job requirements with the capabilities within our catalogue of over 20,000 consultative resources. Because our platform includes the option for candidates to highlight intangibles through video interviews and personality fit assessments, consulting and technology firms will be able to quickly understand candidate communication style. Firms are empowered to either disqualify candidates who do not align with hiring goals or accelerate the process for those who do.

What Next?

Management consulting professionals: Download this overview which explains the process for creating a Basic Profile (used by Talent Response to identify fit), an Enhanced Profile (video and supplemental content that can be used across roles) and applying to specific jobs. If you want to hedge your bets, feel free to simply check out the jobs we are hiring for at

Our platform is still in beta, so please feel reach out to us if you run into any difficulties!

Consulting firms and growth-phase technology firms: Visit our contact page to request more information about the ways in which we work with small but growing consulting and technology firms to simply find great people.

We can’t wait to hear your thoughts on our consulting talent solution at the intersection of high-technology and high-touch.

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