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The Key to a Shorter Job Search: Nexus Connectors

There are many exceptional consultants who would be great potential assets to boutique consulting firms, but unfortunately most remain just that: potential assets. Without knowledge of and access to the full-time and project-based hiring needs of those firms, consultants miss out on some of the most rewarding job opportunities. In this post, I argue that “Nexus Connectors”—central hubs of one-to-many relationships—play a critical role in connecting top talent with top employers.

A Nexus Connector is the nerve center of a system. It’s what the saloon was back in the day—a place where people met, shared ideas, and conducted business. In the transportation world, Chicago is a Nexus Connector. All six major railroads go through the city, multiple airlines call it their hub, and the local highway system is strategically connected to the rest of the continent (albeit with a bit of traffic).

Because of the one-to-many relationships inherent to Nexus Connectors, they are effective at lubricating markets for ideas, goods, or, in the case of Talent Response, consulting talent. Rather than spreading yourself thinly across dozens of potential employers, it is far more efficient to make one connection with deep ties to many employers. This helps you conserve your scarcest and most valuable resource: time.

Nexus Connectors have invested in long sales cycles so that you don’t have to. Talent Response, for example, has invested time and resources to build relationships with 30+ boutique consulting firms. We know which firms are hiring for one-off engagements and full-time consulting roles. As such, the total recruiting cycle for our network can be reduced to days for project-based work and weeks for full-time roles.

This post is just the tip of the iceberg from Talent Response on Nexus Connectors. We have a book in the works that will act as a roadmap for how to use Nexus Connectors to balance a portfolio of independent consulting work. In the meantime, access our one-to-many relationships by viewing and applying to our project-based or full-time consulting roles.

To learn more about the role of Nexus Connectors in balancing a portfolio of independent consulting work, check out our white paper!

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