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Talent Response takes a high-tech and high-touch approach to talent acquisition. We look beyond the resume to evaluate candidates across three key criteria:




DNA - Who you are

Smart employers know that a candidate's DNA—who she is at her core—must be aligned with the firm and the position. Just because a candidate has the "right" work experience doesn't mean she will be a good cultural fit. Talent Response works with clients at the Partner level to gain a deep understanding of the cultural attributes they seek so we can source candidates who will thrive at each specific firm.


Experience - What you've done

There are certain skillsets that can only be developed through doing; those skillsets could include industry expertise or client and team leadership experience. Talent Response leverages its own consulting and technology operating experience to evaluate how a candidate's experience truly aligns with a firm's hiring needs. We speak your language and can determine, for example, whether a candidate's "M&A focus" has been weighted towards opportunity scans, due diligence, or post-close implementations.


Motivation - What your goals are

Understanding a candidate's motivation for leaving his current position is critical to making a successful hire. We dig in to ensure that a candidate's goals align with those of our clients and that each candidate is set up for long-term success. We also promote the benefits of the firm and role to make it highly attractive to the most qualified candidates.

Our functional specialties


  • Generalist strategy

  • Generalist implementation

  • Life Sciences (pharma, biotech, medical devices)

  • Innovation strategy

  • Transportation and logistics

  • Energy

  • Sales effectiveness

  • Sales strategy

  • Go-to-market strategy

  • Customer experience

  • Operations strategy

  • Technology strategy and implementation

  • Partner/alliance strategy

  • Change management

  • Human capital

  • Due diligence (commercial, operational, technology, financial)

  • Financial services

  • Marketing strategy


Key geographies
  • New York

  • Boston

  • Chicago

  • San Francisco


Key Consulting Titles
  • Business Analyst

  • Associate Consultant

  • Sr. Associate Consultant

  • Engagement Manager

  • Principal

  • Partner

Key Technology Areas of Focus
  • Customer success

  • Customer experience

  • Product marketing

  • Marketing and communications

  • Sales enablement

  • Consultative sales

  • Internal strategy

  • Services

  • Primary areas of focus at the Manager, Director, and VP levels

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