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Consulting Firm Spotlight
Sales Strategy and Salesforce Effectiveness Consulting Firm
Firm Value Proposition
Strategy to Execution

The firm consults on a mix of B2B go-to-market strategy and salesforce effectiveness. Strategy without implementation can be empty, and the firm ensures that strategic guidance is both actionable and implementable. The GTM strategy side is consistent with the work of leading consulting firms, while the execution side includes facilitations and training with client leadership and client go-to-market teams.

Organizational Alignment

Many sales transformation initiatives fail due to either 1) lack of alignment across sales, marketing, and product AND/OR 2) lack of buy-in from executive leadership. Our sales consulting firm client does not take on consulting work without these fundamentals in place, dramatically improving the likelihood of sales transformation success.

Thought Leadership

Partners in the firm have literally written the book on driving large-scale change across a B2B sales team. Through a combination of real-world successes/failures and research, the firm lays out a POV on transforming a sales team's go-to-market approach. This approach lays a solid groundwork for a buyer-focused sales process without succumbing to rigidity of that approach. 

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