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Pharma Strategy Consulting Firm Spotlight
Spotlight: Biopharma strategy firm with market research foundation
Strategy Built on Research

While the firm steers clear of syndicated market research, bespoke primary market research serves as the foundation for its biotech and pharma strategy work. It's core marketing strategy engagements include:  market landscape assessment, product opportunity assessment, segmentation, and positioning.

Early-Stage Focus

The firm focuses on early-stage opportunity evaluation, providing biopharma companies with the thoughtful analysis they require to make decisions with scarce capital. The team informs those decisions through projects that include competitive war-gaming and forecasting/ simulation.

High-Growth Culture

While holding strong to a nimble, boutique culture, the firm's growth has been extraordinary by any metric - revenue, consultants, offices. As such, the firm is looking for consultants to take on leadership roles - not just because they value an established career path, but also because growth demands it. In particular, it seeks an Engagement Manager to help provide leverage to leadership in SF.

Associate Consultant

Apply here for positions in New York, San Francisco

Associate Partner

Apply here for positions in New York, San Francisco

Interested? Contact us for a password and view a recording of our webinar highlighting the role.

Webinar Topic: Opportunity Spotlight: BioPharma Consulting Firm (SF, NY)
Chris Richardson, CEO of Talent Response
Associate Partner, Leading BioPharma Consulting Firm
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