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Consulting Firm Spotlight
Customer Experience Consulting Firm

Role type: Full-time

Location: NY/NJ

Open Positions: Engagement Manager (2 open positions) and Research Manager (2 open positions)

Domain Expertise: Customer experience


Interested? Email us for a password and view a recording of our webinar highlighting the role.
Webinar Topic: Transforming Your Career through Customer Experience Transformations
Led by Talent Response/Hire Learning CEO, Chris Richardson, and leadership from our CX client
Firm Value Proposition
Customer's Voice at the Table

We're all customers, and that experience should inspire every organization's approach. Without a customer advocate, organizations become too distracted by internal jargon to center all activities around their raison d'etre. Our client brings the customer's voice to the table not because it feels good, but because it is economically optimal.

Transformational Projects

Consulting cannot be done in a vacuum. It must be supported by research and sustained by ongoing education. It is this combined approach that leads to transformational engagements with Fortune 500 organizations. Through a combination of C-Suite sponsorship and ground level education and facilitation, our client firm truly transforms the customer experience at its clients.

Thought Leadership

The firm's CX thought leadership inspires their work. Research-based analysis of best practices in customer-centricity informs consultative guidance - not based on hunches or anectodes, but on data and real-life success and failures. The firm's leadership has literally "written the book" on CX multiple times over and works day-in day-out to apply those best practices in their client organizations.

Requirements - Experience and DNA
Consulting Engagement Manager
Candidate Experience
  • B2C marketing strategy consulting, ideally with direct exposure to CX projects (if CX experience is missing, at least a clear, demonstrated motivation to focus on the customer)

  • Demonstrated ability to manage multiple, complex engagements

  • Customer journey mapping

  • Excel and PPT ninja

Candidate DNA
  • Process-based orientation, but flexible enough to “figure it out along the way.”

  • Active listener, with an ability to distill underlying objectives.

  • Polished - both in written output and in client engagement.

Market Research Manager
Candidate Experience
  • 3+ years of experience coordinating and managing survey research projects on time and on budget. Proficiency in questionnaire design, sampling approaches, and tabulation planning

  • Ability to work closely with other departments and external partners to oversee all operational components of projects

  • Proficiency in Excel & PowerPoint; bonus points for knowledge of Tableau, SPSS, or Survey Reporter

Candidate DNA
  • Growth mindset with a passion for learning new things

  • Active listener, avid storyteller. Able to tell killer stories in presentation, in visuals, and in writing

  • A team player 

Learn more about our approach to DNA (who you are), Experience (what you've done), and Motivation (what your goals are)

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