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Consulting Firm Spotlight
Sales Transformation Consulting Firm

Role type: Full-time

Location: San Francisco or Boston

Open Positions: Associate Consultant or Sr. Associate

Domain Expertise: Sales transformation and salesforce effectiveness

Core Responsibilities: Project manage B2B sales transformation engagements and facilitate client sessions

Why Consulting?
Impactful Projects

Our 30+ boutique consulting firm clients tackle challenges too hairy and complex for end clients to address internally. Projects are varied, meaningful, and mission-critical.

Deep Client Relationships

Our consulting firm clients tend to have relationships with senior leadership, often including the C-Suite. Given those firms are trusted advisors to their clients, they seek consulting talent with C-Suite credibility.

Niche Focus

Some boutique consulting firms compete against the biggest shops through a niche vertical or functional focus. For consultants that are or are looking to become subject matter experts, boutique firms can provide that opportunity to specialize.

Why This Sales Effectiveness Consulting Firm?
Outside-In Perspective

Too often, salespeople are so focused on the product they sell that they fail to adequately consider how that product fits within a customer's needs. This consulting firm works with leading sales organizations to transform messaging from inside out (focused on product and internal jargon) to outside in (focused on the customer's perspective first).

Senior Leadership Buy-in and Alignment

Many sales transformation initiatives fail due to 1) lack of alignment across sales, marketing, and product AND/OR 2) lack of buy-in from executive leadership. Our sales consulting firm client does not take on consulting work without these fundamentals in place, dramatically improving the likelihood of sales transformation success.

Clients "Leading their own Rescue"

The consulting firm's clients should know their customers better than anyone. As such, this consulting firm never hands the "solution" to their clients but rather conscripts the client to lead their own rescue. The collective wisdom of the client's go-to-market engine, when combined with the consulting firm's proprietary methodology and execution, can lead to a transformative outcome that could not have been achieved independently.

Requirements - Experience and DNA
Candidate Experience
  • Strong background in project managing and leading large multi-stakeholder initiatives

  • 4-8 years of work experience in management consulting, sales operations/sales support, and/or project management.

  • Excellent academic history

  • Mastery-level skill in MS Office tools.

Candidate DNA
  • Process-oriented, optimistic, authentic, a superb writer, and a consensus-builder.

  • A multi-position "athlete" ready to take on any role necessary to drive value for the cleint

  • Soft confidence and credibility to help guide an often-carnivorous sales team

Learn more about Talent Response's approach to DNA (who you are), Experience (what you've done), and Motivation (what your goals are)

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