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Consulting Firm Spotlight
Technology Strategy and Implementation
Consulting Firm

Role type: Full-time

Location: Virtual/Global (with a preference for the US or UK)

Open Positions: Associate Consultants (5+ open positions), Engagement Managers (2+ open positions), Account Manager and Client Director (3+ open positions)

Domain Expertise: Strategy and Implementation for Travel and Expense (T&E) systems

Why Consulting?
Why Consulting?
Impactful Projects

Our 30+ boutique consulting firm clients tackle challenges too hairy and complex for end clients to address internally. Projects are varied, meaningful, and mission-critical.

Deep Client Relationships

Our consulting firm clients tend to have relationships with senior leadership, often including the C-Suite. Given those firms are trusted advisors to their clients, they seek consulting talent with C-Suite credibility.

Niche Focus

Some boutique consulting firms compete against the biggest shops through a niche vertical or functional focus. For consultants that are or are looking to become subject matter experts, boutique firms can provide that opportunity to specialize.

Why Work for This Consulting Firm?
Why Work for This Client?
Entrepreneurial Environment
Career Growth Potential
Global Exposure
Entrepreneurial Environment

In its roots, this featured consulting firm would take equity positions in start-ups. While the firm has evolved to work primarily with Fortune 500 clients, an entrepreneurial approach inspires both their approach and the capability-building project work they undertake.

Career Growth Potential

This firm is currently selling more project work than it can deliver on. This fast-growing team provides opportunities for career growth, not just because the firm thinks it's the right thing to do (and it does), but also because it simply needs its consultants to step up to lead and manage teams.

Global Exposure

Our client helps its clients define and implement strategies for global travel and expense systems. They deal with currency issues, compliance challenges, and technical challenges with stakeholders in nearly every region of the world. Because you'll be leading virtual, global teams, much of the work can be done from your home office.

Why Work for This Firm?
Case Studies
Case Studies
Travel and Expense Practice
Global T&E Implementation

After many acquisitions, a Fortune 500 company had a haphazard travel and expense structure, with each country and each subsidiary running its own system. In order to benefit from economies of scale and report spend globally on an apples-to-apples basis, the organization worked with our consulting firm client to harmonize travel expense systems across geographies and subsidiaries.

Health Care Law Compliance

New health care laws require transparancy between pharmaceutical manufacturers and health care providers. To comply with this complex web of federal regulatory requirements, a pharmaceutical company engaged our client to implement a global travel and expense system that allows the firm to report on key financial metrics to stay on regulators' good side.

Increase T&E Adoption

Even after an artful T&E systems implementation, user adoption still can be a challenge. Our consulting firm client is often retained to manage the change management process, ensuring that conditions are in place to nudge the users towards adoption. When implemented effectively, both the users and the organization win.

Open Positions
Associate Consultant
5-6 Openings

The Associate Consultant role plays the leading day-to-day role in global travel and expense software implementations. The candidate must have deep travel and expense software experience, strong SDLC project management experience, and strong client relationship management capabilities. Ideal candidates will also have management consulting experience.


Also hiring at the Sr. Associate and Engagement Manager levels

Client Director
3 Openings

The Client Director will oversee the consulting project teams and strategic client relationships. The role will be primarily a leadership role, but the Client Director must be willing to also to play a leading delivery role on large engagements, when necessary.


The ideal candidate will have at least 10 years of experience that includes: deep project management and project planning experience, SDLC lifecycle experience, and 
experience working with travel and expense software (e.g. Concur, GERS, SAP).

Open Positions
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